About Anthropology Department

Anthropology is the study of people throughout the world, their evolutionary history, how they behave, adapt to different environments, communicate and socialise with one another. The study of anthropology is concerned both with the biological features that make us human (such as physiology, genetic makeup, nutritional history and evolution) and with social aspects (such as language, culture, politics, family and religion). Whether studying a religious community in London, or human evolutionary fossils in the UAE, anthropologists are concerned with many aspects of peoples lives: the everyday practices as well as the more dramatic rituals, ceremonies and processes which define us as human beings. A few common questions posed by anthropology are: how are societies different and how are they the same? how has evolution shaped how we think? what is culture? are there human universals? By taking the time to study peoples lives in detail, anthropologists explore what makes us uniquely human. In doing so, anthropologists aim to increase our understanding of ourselves and of each other.


No Name & Designation Contact Information Designation Specialization achievements Interest areas & Other related information
Sri. Prokash Kumar Palit, M.Sc.
Email Id : prokash_palit@rediffmail.com
Contact No : 9153458388
Assistant Professor, [HOD]
  1. Specialization : Socio anthropology
  2. Teaching Experience : 7yrs
  3. Research Paper Published : 1
  4. Paper Presented in Conf./Seminar : 1
  5. Participation Conf./Seminar : 1
Suman Hazra, MSc
Email Id : papaisuman@gmail.com
Contact No : 9051557558
College Payee Contractual Lecturer
Koushik Dhar, MSc
Email Id : koushikdhar36@gmail.com
Contact No : 59121931515
College Payee Part-Time Lecturer
Joydhish Majumder, MSc
Email Id : joydhish.majumdar@gmail.com
Contact No : 8274995110
Dr Arun Makal, MSc, PhD
Email Id : arunmakal@gmail.com
Contact No : 9564874771
Assistant Professor
  1. Specialization : Social Culture Anthropology
  2. Area of Interest : Interpretive Anthropology
  3. Teaching Experience : 1 month
  4. Research Paper Published : 14
  5. Paper Presented in Conf./Seminar : 5
  6. Participation Conf./Seminar : 5
  7. Medal / Award : UGC JRF
Dr. Mayank Prakash, M.Phil, PhD
Email Id : roshanmayankprakash.559@gmail.com
Contact No : 9931102080
Assistant Professor
  1. Specialization : Social-Cultural Anthropology
  2. Area of Interest : Theories of Social Anthropology
  3. Teaching Experience : 3 months
  4. Research Paper Published : 14
  5. Paper Presented in Conf./Seminar : 42
  6. Participation Conf./Seminar : 42
  7. Medal / Award : 1 Gold Medel,UGC JRF